Entities on Mt. Shasta

July 1986 — On our first trip to Mt. Shasta, we all stayed at a hotel on the side of the mountain. There were three of us: myself, my wife and our good friend, Paul. I had awakened from my slumber at about 6 a.m. as we were going to go hiking on the mountain that day. (CONTINUE…)


Mt. Shasta, The Door To Eternity

I have visited the mountain of Mt. Shasta in Northern California 3 times, 7 years apart, over the past 21 years. Each time has been inspirational, powerfully activating my inner current. This last visit during the first week of September 2007, I passed over to a place where physical and pure spirit are as one. This was a unique experience. I call this experience a ‘miracle’. (CONTINUE…)


Mysterious Mount Shasta

The most remarkable stories are the legends about the mysterious people who supposedly live inside the mountain. They are said to be descendants of an ancient society from Lemuria, a lost continent that sunk eons ago. These Lemurians supposedly live deep inside the mountain in apartments plated with gold. In this secret colony, they preserve their ancient customs. (CONTINUE…)


Reflections on Mt. Shasta

Last night I drove back from Yreka to Mt. Shasta at dusk. I was the only car on a flat highway, headed toward the mountain. Now, I must tell you that Mt. Shasta can be an awesome sight, rising two miles up out of a flat grassy plain, in winter’s dusk. The sunlight’s last rays were a mixture of colors, illuminating the snow-covered mountain and giving it a purplish glow, phosphorescent in the dimming light. The plain extended out from the mountain about five miles in all directions, cleft by the highway. The sight gave my senses the impression of being out at sea, approaching some magnificent Polynesian atoll. (CONTINUE…)


Shasta Secrets

My first experience with Shasta was as a side trip while visiting relatives in northern California one summer. I was expecting to experience the typical day trip: a good day’s hike, some nice scenery, a good meal at a local restaurant, some nice souvenirs to take home, and perhaps some interesting experiences to talk about around the dinner table. However, what I got was a wide array of sights and experiences that impressed me perhaps more than any other single travel destination I had experienced, either before or since. (CONTINUE…)


Shastaman Vibrations

Just a guess, but the hygienically pretty town of Mount Shasta on the side of the snow-capped peak of the same name in northern California has more post-hippie residue – herbal healers, clairvoyants and metaphysical mentors – than anywhere else on the planet. And they are the normal ones. (CONTINUE…)