American Shangri-La: Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta still remains fairly remote from urban civilization. However, it’s apparently convenient to the astral plane; it’s the home of any number of elevated spiritual entities, Lemurian colonies, gentle Bigfeet, and Ascended Masters. If there’s an American branch office of Shangri-La, Mount Shasta is definitely it. (CONTINUE…)swoosh2

Lights On Mt. Shasta

Cerve reports that a Dr. Edgar Lucin Larkin of the Mt. Lowe Observatory saw a strange phenomenon with his telescope. He was searching for an object on the earth, the distance from which was known, by which to calibrate his instrument. In looking through the telescope, supposedly placed parallel to the earth’s surface, he finally brought Mount Shasta into range. Around the foothills of the mountain and at about 30 miles from the mountain Dr. Larkin reported seeing a shining metal object, which, on focussing, turned out to be a massive oriental temple. (CONTINUE…)swoosh2

Mt Shasta – The Vital Essence: A Spiritual Explorer’s Guide

When I first came to Mt. Shasta I met a Lady on the mountain at a place called Panther Meadows. First in a lucid dream, then later, I could see her in waking consciousness. But as in a double exposed picture, I could also see through her. At first, she played games with me, offering me gold and jewels. I told her I only came to meditate, and was not interested in her physical wealth. When I convinced her of this, she offered me her spiritual wealth. (CONTINUE…)swoosh2

Mt. Shasta Mystery

Oliver says, the dwellers of this secret abode are Atlanteans – descendents of the survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to him, they possess air and space ships. By means of cigar-shaped ships commucation is maintained with Venus. The crafts fly on magnetic force. In their experiments these people can produce red, orange, yellow and green fireballs. (CONTINUE…)swoosh2

Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

Mount Shasta is one of those fabled, legendary locales where mysterious tales have been handed down since before time as we know it began. Like the Bermuda Triangle or Stonehenge, there is a magic associated with this mountain in Northern California that has mystified and enchanted not just the local Native-American populace but also thousands of a certain kind of believer-the kind that believes in miracles. (CONTINUE…)swoosh2

Other Legends – A Bibliography

This section contains a number of unrelated entries, including material about the oft-mentioned bell legends, the little people legends, and UFO legends. Some miscellaneous entries, arguably termed legends, include an entry about two Alaskan mountains named for Mt. Shasta, and an entry for the 1930s’ slang phrase “From Mt. Shasta.” Some of the materials exhibit a rare originality, especially Caroling’s comic-book styled Mount Shasta and the Galaxy People. This section also includes a number of miscellaneous entries which in one way or another convey the mystic and spiritual expectations of some visitors to Mt. Shasta … (CONTINUE…)