Dr. Earlyne was a channel for Master Kuthumi who brought forth Wisdom Teachings for this modern ‘Mystery School’. The book called, ‘Secrets from Mount Shasta, describes Dr. Earlyne’s and Dr. Robert’s (her husband) journey up Mt. Shasta upon urging from their Teachers in the early 1950’s…

The following excerpt comes from “Secrets from Mt Shasta written in 1952.  It has come to my inbox as all good things do – through a variety of people, & I feel it will sit well with you all.  Enjoy!

Secrets from Mount Shasta
By Earlyne Chaney, 1952

He began to speak. His (Jesus) words flowed from the entire “mirror”, it seemed, and not just from his lips. The voice itself was like a wondrous melody. He spoke of many things which would take too long to tell, nor would I be allowed to share some of them. Although his coming was not connected in the slightest with our initiation, still he seemed to be aware that we were present, because – ever so fleetingly – he once focused his splendid eyes directly upon us, as he spoke of grave conditions existing on Earth today.

He spoke of the chaos and the turmoil. He said that the planet Earth was leaving behind a certain field of expression – the Piscean – and entering a new one – Aquarius. The new field of Aquarius would gradually increase in rarified ethers, and many types of souls expressing on the planet today would not be able to withstand these higher vibrations. Therefore when they met their physical death, their souls would be left behind in the old Piscean field of etheric and vibrational expression to wait the coming of another planet entering that field. On that Piscean planet they could again take up bodies of flesh and continue their evolution in ethers compatible with their degree of inner light.

The earth planet would move slowly out into the Sixth Dispensation. Souls in the realms of spirit who were abiding in the Aquarian field of expression into which the planet was moving would be waiting to take upon themselves bodies of flesh and expression once again on Earth. One by one they would incarnate again. However, since they were more highly evolved than those left behind in the old Piscean field, little by little the chaos would die away. Little by little inspired and advanced souls would come forth as leaders. Little by little nations would learn to live together in peace; little by little, the law of love would begin to manifest, and human beings would begin to realize that they cannot hurt their brother or sister without hurting themselves…and although this is a selfish way to love, nevertheless, it is a beginning.

He said the planet as a whole has created for itself much adverse karma, and that this cosmic debt has to be discharged before the planet can enter fully into its new field of expression. Therefore, there must be what human begins call “destruction,” but what the Masters call “change.” There is, he indicated, no such thing as “destruction,” only transformation, a passing away of the “old” and a coming forth of the “new.”

He spoke of ever-increasing currents of magnetism over the western part of North America. He did not say so in exact words, but we assumed he meant that we should not flee to some other part of the nation in the hope of escaping earthquakes or floods. He said that there are methods we know not of to protect those who are Light Workers.

He said that prayer and devotion to good works built about the soul an “armor of light” against which no evil can prevail. He reminded us that although “ten thousand might fall by your side, it shall not come nigh thee – for we shall give our angels charge over the children of light.”

He said he had come when the planet was entering the Piscean Age two thousand years ago. The planet was immersed in the clouds of darkness created by the mass consciousness of the human race – the condensed thought forces of hatred, wars, greed, jealousies, lust, violence. To make it possible for the lifewave of souls to pass with the planet into the field of Pisces, he had taken upon himself the dark karma of the entire human race. Other Master Teachers representing other spiritual traditions had done the same, at different times, to send Light to the lifewave of humanity. This sacrifice had purified the ethers of Earth, giving the evolving souls a new beginning. Thus he had “died for our sins,” our karma, so that we might have a new opportunity to apply the laws of love he brought, taught and demonstrated.

Now, he said, the planet approaches once again a “new birth.” And once again it is immersed in the shadow-thoughts of hate, war, greed – and fear. The clouds of karma are heavy and dark about us. But, he said, there also radiate forces of light – much more than was evident when Earth entered Pisces two thousands years ago.

Rising among the karmic clouds of darkness are the streams of light force, dispelling the darkness. Although the planet has created the possibility for destruction, it has also created the potential for salvation. Thus, he said, humanity faces a struggle. Each person, no matter how spiritually evolved must still give strength to the light within him or herself, rather than to the darkness, for we each have a mixture of both. Both aspects of self are to be accepted and to be loved, ever increasing the light force and power within.

Also, light workers must not give way to fear and predictions of chaos. Sending White Light, healing and love to everyone, all forms of life, to the planet Earth and to life everywhere, and asking for healing forgiveness for past errors will bring about positive transformation and will erase negative karma. Falling too much under the spell of fear, getting too caught up in the predictions of disaster, will be the mistake. For this only creates more fear, and can render people immobile rather than actively working for positive change.

But, he said, enough light is now being disseminated to warrant aid from cosmic forces. Destruction of the planet will not be allowed, he promised. But it will require, he warned, supreme effort on the part of those who disperse the light. Their efforts must be untiring. They must not only enter the light themselves, but must show others the way – rather the WAY, by example, not by preaching or attempting to control.

In the end, he promised, “the light from the prayers, the petitions, the service, the sacrifices of the children of light will enable the Cosmic forces to bring the planet and the “saved” of humanity into a “new heaven and a new Earth.” He was not speaking of “saved” lives. He was speaking of the souls “saved” for this lifewave – those who would pass with the planet into a new and better Age, a new and better etheric atmosphere, a new and better spiritual radius.

You must interpret this part of his words as you so choose. There will evidently be difficulty – there will also be opportunity for spiritual growth, and for the transition into greater light for our planet and every form of life on it.

Then he dropped the subject of “destruction” and spoke of the wonders waiting ahead for the souls of Earth’s lifewave. He spoke of many coming “discoveries” which would be part of the coming new age. He spoke of the birth of highly advanced Teachers. He spoke of the coming of Temples of Learning in which these Teachers would teach, so that people might learn more of cosmic laws and how to use them.

He spoke of the return of the “space people,” bringing to Earth once again their advanced knowledge. Some would come from distant planets and others from etheric realms.

Ah, indeed, there is a Great Day coming. Let us learn to think not in terms of “destruction,” but of light force and love force. And become aware that no matter what comes, on whatever plane of life you find yourself, you will continue to do the very best you can for GOOD. With such thoughts flowing among us, we can counteract the dark karma and much of the destruction can be avoided. To the degree that we do good, to the degree that we disseminate light and love, to that same degree will the clouds of karma be dispelled and never come upon us. This I know, for he spoke of it.   P .75

A wise sage once said that God hides the glories of other realms of life so that human beings might endure life on the physical plane… and it is true. What a prison is the physical body! The glories of the higher life are shown only to those who can view them, and who can turn again and take up earth life without vain dreamings of the life-to-be.  P 75

If there are times when we seem restless among you, know that it may be because our souls are sometimes homesick for the soul realms of life. Know, too, that because of you, beloved seekers of the Light, our lives here on Earth have been unusually happy and blessed. The privilege of walking among you and serving you has made our lives worthwhile. May the blessings of the Masters abide with you until we meet together in the Land of the Blessed.   P 76