Mysteries of Mount Shasta

By Pam Uher

It is believed by many to be one of the sacred places found on Earth and it is called by some The Magical Mountain, it is the majestic Mt. Shasta, located in the Cascade Mountain Range of Northern California. Rising up from the range of picturesque mountains, in Siskiyou County, to a height of over 14,162 feet above sea level it ranks as one of the largest dormant (last eruption was incorrectly reported as being in 1786) strato-compound volcanoes (it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire) in the continental USA. Mt Shasta, often seen as a very mysterious volcanic mountain, geologically has 4 cones stratovolcanic overlapping cones, not the usual 2.

Legends and mysteries abound about the ethereal aura felt and seen by some who have trekked near, around and on the natural wonder. Native people have always held the mountain as a sacred area and in recent decades New Age believers see the mountain as having a mystical power that exudes peace and harmony. UFO proponents believe a secret alien base is located deep within the mountain. Recently, in 1985, The Mt. Shasta Ski Park opened, allowing it to be a revered spot for avid snow bunnies who love swooshing down the challenging, craggy, snow covered pitched terrain during the winter.


Artifacts found on and around the mountain (especially the north side) indicate it has been inhabited for centuries (9,000 years it is believed) by various North America Native Tribes. The mountain was a natural boundary/cornerstone that delineated the tribal territory of many Native American people including the Shasta, Modoc, Wintu, Atsuwegi and Klamath. Legends indicate the ancient tribes believed Mt. Shasta was the center of creation. Native American descendants of the ancient tribes still carry out rituals in honor of the mountain and the spiritual power it is believed to emanate.

The name Mt.Shasta is said by many, to be attributed to a Russian fur trapper who came back from spending time on the mountain and called the place Chaa-tcha which means a thicket. Later the name would evolve to Shasta and then Mount Shasta. Other historians believe the word ‘Shasta’ is a modern day derivative of the name of a Native American tribe first called the mountain Sastise. It can be found in the Dec. 26, 1826 journal entry of Hudson’s Bay Company fur brigade leader Peter Skene Ogden(siskiyous library reference source).


Today, over 100 New Age sects and religious groups regard the mountain as a sacred source of mystical power which can lead people to harmony and peace. Mt. Shasta has been identified by many of these sects as being a cosmic power point, a UFO landing spot, and even an entry point into fifth dimension (or parallel earth). But, the mountain has been a focal point for religious and spiritual fringe sects for many decades.

In 1884, writer and seeker, Fredrick Oliver wrote a book A Dweller on Two Planets that told of underground tunnels and elaborate halls where the descendants of the Atlanteans lived.

In 1930, Guy Ballard, founder of the “I AM” movement, stated that he met the Ascended Master St. Germaine on the snowy slopes of Mt. Shasta. The Ascended Masters are supposed to be extremely evolved spiritual beings. This cult and its beliefs are promoted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a prominent modern New Age teacher.

The Rosicrucian’s, in 1932 spread the belief that Mt. Shastais the place the Lemurians came to when their Islandwas destroyed by volcanic activity. Many believe their remnant still lives deep within the sacred mountain even today, in a deep earth city Lemurians call ‘Telos’.

A Buddhist monastery was built on Mt Shasta, in 1971, by Houn Jiyu-Kennet. Partially because Mt Shasta is considered one of the 7 Sacred Mountains of the World, it became the site for holy temples, sanctuaries and other religious sacred places of meditation.

Then in 1987, Mt Shasta was the place where the Harmonic Convergence was supposed to occur that. This was a focal point of positive power energy rays coming together in order to prevent a world crisis and bring world peace to humanity.


In 1931, a voracious forest fire swept across Mount Shasta. Only to be stopped from advancing by a mysterious fog that arose from nowhere. Interestingly the unusual fog created a fire line demarcation of the charred damage that was a curve in direct correlation with the central time line zone.

Many Bigfoot sightings have been reported on Mt. Shasta and it is believed to be the hiding place home of these perhaps mythical creatures.

It is also said to be a UFO re-fueling base. Many strange pulsating lights and squadrons of dancing lights have been reported over the past 50 decades by some very credible witnesses. The Hopi Native Americans have legends about a vast network of caves and a city under Mt. Shasta where reptilian creatures live.

New Age believers see Mt. Shasta as one of the earth’s main spiritual energy vortices. It is a place of strange fog and clouds that appear and disappear within moments, not hours of human time, leaving people amazed and in awe. Spiritual retreats to the mountain energize many visitors, especially seekers open to experiencing synergistic transrational adventures. Some even believe it is the place of Angel gatherings.

Many people living around Mt Shasta tell tales about tall robed humanoid people who appear from time to time in the small towns. They come to barter or gather certain things from various merchants and then vanish into the thick brush of the mountain.

Another legend tells of groups called the Yaktavians, who are reported to be the great bell-makers. Through their use of sound and vibration they can manipulate many aspects of life and dimensions of sensory perception.

Other stories tell of dwarf-like creatures that have been seen quite often, since the 1930’s, by people picnicking and hiking on the mountain.

Mt. Shasta has a plethora of odd, strange, weird and mysterious legends that make it one of the world’s most mystical places. If only 1 percent of the stories are rooted in fact and have verified evidence that makes it plausible, what a remarkable finding that would be!