Mount Shasta has been an inspiration to many people interested in the Ascended Master teachings of Guy Warren Ballard and his “I AM” religious activity. Ballard, writing under the pseudonym Godfré Ray King, stated in his 1934 Unveiled Mysteries that he met the Ascended Master Saint Germain on the slopes of Mt. Shasta in 1930. The Ascended Masters, according to Ballard, are great spiritual teachers who have mastered the relationship between thought and feeling and have learned to manifest the “Luminous Essence of Divine Love.” These Ascended Masters are said to have ascended to a higher dimension from which they guard and help the evolving human race. The teachings learned from Saint Germain, as presented in Ballard’s books, the fantastic parts notwithstanding, have an undeniable empowering appeal to many persons. Ballard’s books and religious movement attracted many followers. Splinter groups based on similar teachings have formed. Over the years, other authors, including Nola Van Valer, Earlyne Chaney, Mah-Atman-Amsumata, Pearl Dorris, and Elisabeth Clare Prophet, have written of their own experiences with Ascended Masters on Mt. Shasta. Many of these writings are of the ‘channeling’ genre.

Guy Warren Ballard’s 1934 Unveiled Mysteries was the first book to describe Mt. Shasta’s most famous Ascended Master: “Saint Germain.” In the preface to Unveiled Mysteries, Ballard states that Saint Germain “…is the same Great Masterful ‘Presence’ who worked at the Court of France previous to and during the French Revolution…” Historically, there was a Comte de Saint-Germain (the Count of Saint-Germain) who lived from c.1710–c.1780, and who was, according to the 1964 Encyclopedia Britannica, an 18th Century ‘Wundermann’ and adventurer who traveled widely throughout Europe; he was very influential at the Court of France, was a founder of freemasonry, and professed the discovery of a liquid which could prolong life. He was not a saint, however, he was a count. His family name was Saint- Germain, a name derived from one of the many French villages and places named in honor of Germain, a Catholic saint and 6th Century Bishop of Paris. Thus the name of Mt. Shasta’s “Saint Germain” may be misleading to those looking for a historical “saint.” (Another Comte de Saint-Germain, 1707-1778, was a famous French general whose life history is sometimes confused with that of the ‘Wundermann.’)

Although the appearance in the 1930s of an 18th Century European mystic on the slopes of Mt. Shasta might seem a bit far-fetched, there is some cultural context for the event. Maurice Magre wrote in his 1930 book The Return of the Magi: “Between 1880 and 1900 it was admitted among all theosophists, who at that time had become very numerous, particularly in England and America, that the Comte de Saint Germain was still alive, that he was still engaged in the spiritual development of the West, and that those who sincerely took part in this development had the possibility of meeting him.” Guy Warren Ballard’s story of meeting the Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the most engaging legends of Mt. Shasta.

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used by the College of the Siskiyous Library.

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[MS79].          Bernard, Raymond.  The Great Secret-Count Saint Germain: Rosecrucian Adept.  Mokelumne Hill, Calif.  Health Research, 1990? No date of actual writing is given.     Highly subjective and far-fetched biography of Count Saint Germain, who many believe appeared at Mount Shasta in the early 20th Century. This book does not mention Mt. Shasta. The forward states that “Rather than present the biography of this long-lived adept in chronological order, commencing with his birth as the son of Queen Elizabeth and reviewing his life as Francis Bacon, we will first consider the later Saint Germain phase of his life, after which we will consider his earlier phase as author of Shakespeare plays”(p. d). Contains references to other books about Saint Germain.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS79].

[MS185].          Bruno, Rose Marie.  The Rumblings of the Master Phylos.  Monterey, Calif.: Angel Press, 1977. Brief messages supposedly from the Master Phylos, as received by the author in 1977. The first message begins with the statement ‘I am the Light of Shasta. So many have come, but yet the multitude escapes my place of light’ (p. 6).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS185].

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No. 1:      The “I AM” Experience of Mr. G. W. Ballard: An Analysis of Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence,
and the I AM Discourses., 1936?
No. 2:      The “I AM” Teachings of Mr. G. W. Ballard: An Analysis of Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence,
and the I AM Discourses., 1936?
No. 3:      The “I AM” Doctrine of Mr. G. W. Ballard…An Analysis…1937?
No. 4:      The Source of the Ballard Writings., 1937?
No. 5:      The Ballard Saint Germain., 1938.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters/40. Find List.  [MS1021].

[MS1022].          Bryan, Gerald Barbee 1893.  Psychic Dictatorship in America.  Los Angeles, CA: Truth Research Publications, 1940. 255 pages.      An expose of the I AM movement. The I AM religious activity, based in part on purported experiences in the early 1930’s on the slopes of Mount Shasta, became in the late 1930’s a widespread religious movement in the United States. The author of this book, being highly skeptical of the I AM movement, undertook a research project to expose what he felt were the dangers of what he determined was a  ‘cult.’ The book was published in 1940 at the height of the movement’s popularity. His preface states in part: “The author hopes that it’s amazing story will serve to reveal subversive psychological influences which are producing widespread mental confusion in the United States, from which some form of political despotism may sprout and jeoardize constitutional principles of Freedom and Liberty upon hich this nation is founded. It is his hope, too, that such a history and study will be an example and warning should, now or at any future time, other subversive movements, using similar psychological methods of regimenting the minds of credulous people, get underway in America. To those who after reading this book find sad disillusionment concerning a movement which so long has held their earnest and devoted allegiance, the author can only express the wish to see them happily using their aspirations and talents elsewhere in God’s great kingdom. With many, no doubt, there will be felt a glad release, a sense of freedom to be cut loose from servile obedience to pretended ‘masters,’ to be freed from the hypnotic domination of a ‘Psychic Dictatorship.’ ”  At the core of the book is “Chapter 14: Documentary Evidence of Plagerism.” This chapter quite convincingly demonstrates that much of the writing of the movement’s founder, Guy Ballard, is taken form the writings of others, including much material from the classic 1880’s Mount Shasta book, A Dweller on Two Planets, and the 1894  book Brother of the Third Degree by Will L. Carver. Side by side quotations are given. The author also refers to the 1929 The Prince of Atlantis, by Lillian E. Roy, and as well to works by William Pelley, Baird T. Spalding, Marie Corelli, David Anrias, Annie Besant, H.K. Challoner, and others which appear to be sources for the Ballards teachings. The author also wrote another set of publ;ications, “The Source of the Ballard Teachings” and “The Ballard Saint Germain” to which he refers the reader. The author was particularily upset that the Ballards did not acknowledge their sources, and felt that a deception was at hand. Note that in the chapter about the Count of St. Germain the author mentions that a portrait of the Count, dated 1873, and titled the “Marquis Saint Germain Der Wunderman” is owned by the Louvre in Paris.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS1022].

[MS674].          Chaney, Earlyne.  Secrets from Mount Shasta.  City of Industry, Calif.: Astara, Inc., 1987. First published in 1953. Revised edition published in 1999.     Earlyne Chaney was co-founder of Astara, a new age church and mystery school which began in 1951. Her book, Secrets from Mount Shasta, recounts amazing adventures on Mount Shasta in 1952. She and her husband were told by a visionary being to come to Mt. Shasta, which they did. Camping at Panther Meadows, they climbed the mountain to a height and met a young man of ordinary appearance who talked to them, and mysteriously appeared to know all about them. Thus begins their adventure of initiation and instruction, culminating in being brought into the Cave of the Mystic Circle. Rama, Kut-Hu-Mi, the Altar Throne, and many masters figure into this tale of higher vibrations. At one point the author writes: ‘There was also another path leading up and up, and the leaders of our procession started toward it. It led up the side of Mount Shasta itself, and my eyes followed it all the way to the top. There I beheld a scene which defies description. There rose the most magnificent Cathedral I have ever beheld. Earth has no equal. The Astral Cathedral sat directly over the inner Great Temple at the peak of Mount Shasta, about which Idosa had spoken earlier. The Cathedral covered the entire peak of the Mount. The brilliance of it so dazzled me, I had to momentarily avert my eyes. It shone as if it were made of innumerable diamonds, all flashing in the midday sun. The dome of the temple rose high, high into the sky. And there, over the dome, rising yet higher into the sky, was a glorious glittering Star which revolved around and around, very slowly, as a beacon light does here on the earth plane” (p. 46).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS674].

[MS480].          Clampett, R. S. The Mighty ‘I Am! What is It? Sect Attracts 400,000. In: San Francisco Examiner. San Francisco, Calif.: Feb. 14 and 15, 1938. p. 13/p. 14. A report of visiting a San Francisco lecture given by Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard, founders of the I AM movement. The author describes the Ballards and their “Mighty I AM” teachings, and quotes from their speeches. Mentions several times the call for a “wall of Blue Flame” to be put around America, to make the country invincible to the aggression forming in Japan and Europe.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS480].

[MS2001].          Davis, M. Evalyn.  Revelations of the Life Beautiful.  Los Angeles: Baumgardt Pub. Co., 1908. 222 p. illus. (front.), ports.    Photograph of Mount Shasta, Calif. with caption: ‘A beautiful spot, favorable to the children of God (between p. 60 and 61). Partial contents: Shasta message (p. 60-61) — I Am (p. 136).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2001].

[MS188].          Dorris, Pearl.  Step by Step: We Climb to Freedom & Victory.  1986? Pearl Dorris was one of the most influential ‘I AM’  spiritual teachers of the Mount Shasta region. From the introduction one learns that “Step by Step We Climb To Freedom And Victory is a collection of these inspiring talks given by Pearl in the 1970s and early 1980s in the living room of her home in Mt. Shasta. These have been transcribed from tape recordings and offer a keen insight into the practical application of the Ascended Master teachings from one who has been practicing them for over fifty years. When once asked to describe the source of the wisdom and insight that poured forth from her during these talks, Pearl answered that it was the result of deep attunement to the ‘raised consciousness of the Christ Principle’ (p. 8). The introduction also contains a biographical account of Pearl Dorris, and it is here that one learns that “Volumes I and II of the Step by Step Series are direct transcriptions of discourses given by Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters during Pearl and Bob’s [Bob LeFevre] years of collaborative service from 1940 to 1949′ (p. 8). The entire series is one of the books most often recommended to ‘spiritual’ visitors to Mount Shasta. Pearl Dorris was an early member of the Saint Germain Foundation, though in later years she was not affiliated officially with that organization.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS188].

[MS2043].          Garver, Will L. 1867.  Brother of the Third Degree.  Chicago, IL: Purdy Pub. Co, 1944. iv;  377 p.;20 cm.   Previously published: Boston : Arena Pub. Co., 1894.      Concerns Count Saint Germain.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2043].

[MS955].          Guest, William John.  Unveiled Mysteries.  Worcester, N.Y.: Press of the Worcester Times, 1904. This 1904 book about Biblical teachings appears to have no direct or indirect relationship to GodfrŽ Ray King’s Mt. Shasta book of the same title: Unveiled Mysteries. Guest’s book is included in this bibliography only because the coincidence of titles may cause speculation as to the origin of King’s title.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS955].

[MS1024].          Jesse, Mary. Revelation of Mt. Shasta. In: Mount Shasta Herald. Mt. Shasta, Calif.: Aug. 22, 1940. Appears as a separate article following an introduction entitled: ‘Haese Introduces Visitor Who Writes on Mt. Shasta’s Master.’     The author states she was trained in astral travel in the Himalaya mountains. She had several dreams and experiences when visiting Mt. Shasta, and these experiences are described in detail. For example she states: “I called on my teacher, through mental telepathy, to be atuned with me as I was chosen by a master dwelling about Mt. Shasta to give out a message. One night I felt my body floating out of my room towards the Mount. The Mount disappeared, only a ray of light remained. At once the Mount opened, the Mount that was all light, and a kingly being appeared with a mighty staff. He was dressed in a heavenly blue garment. He stretched out his hands and bid me to come near….The time is here where I the Lord made you see beyond race-spirit, beyond time and space, beyond the earth plane even where I made you a dweller of two worlds with full consciousness.”
The introduction by Haese, “dean of Siskiyou County Attorneys,” states that the author uses the pseudonym of “Vera Atlantica,” yet the name of “Mary Jesse” follows the introduction.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS1024].

[MS913].          King, Godfre Ray 1878-1939.  The Saint Germain Series.  Chicago, Ill.: Saint Germain Press, 1934-. These books constitute the core reading material for the “I AM” religious activity founded by Godfre Ray King (pseudonym of Guy Warren Ballard 1878-1939). Consists of at least 12 volumes, the first issued in 1934.  The following list was compiled from computer catalog databases and from title pages of a few of the books. Inaccuracies as to editions, dates, and authorship may be be present in this list. Note that “[Spirit]” is used to denote a “channeled” author.
Vol. 1      King, Godfre Ray (1878-1939).  Unveiled Mysteries. First edition 1934.
Vol. 2      King, Godfre Ray (1878-1939).  The Magic Presence. First edition 1935.
Vol. 3      Germain, Saint [Spirit].  The ‘I AM’ Discourses by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Second edition 1940.
Vol. 4     Germain, Saint [Spirit].  Ascended Master Instruction by the Ascended Master Saint Germain                                                                                           through Godfre Ray King. First edition 1985.
Vol. 5      Chanera (1886-1971). ‘I AM’ Adorations and Affirmations by Chanera. Third edition 1991.
Vol. 6      Ascended Masters [Spirit]. Ascended Master Discourses by the Ascended Masters through Godfre Ray King. Edition? 1965.
Vol. 7      Great Cosmic Beings [Spirit]. Ascended Master Light by the Great Cosmic Beings through Godfre Ray King. Edition? 1966.
Vol. 8      Great Divine Director [Spirit]. The ‘I AM’ Discourses by the Great Divine Director.
Edition? 1965.
Vol. 9      Beloved Mighty Victory [Spirit]. The ‘I AM Discourses by the Great Cosmic Being, Beloved Mighty
Victory. Edition? 1949.
Vol. 10    Lloyd, David [Spirit] The ‘I AM’ Discourses by David Lloyd. First edition 1980.
Vol. 11   Germain, Saint [Spirit].  The ‘I AM’ Discourses by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through                                                                         Godfre Ray King. First Edition 1984.
Vol. 12    Beloved Bob [Spirit]. The ‘I AM’ Discourses by the Ascended Master Youth, Beloved Bob.
Edition? 1987.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS913].

[MS152].          King, Godfre Ray 1878-1939.  Unveiled Mysteries.  Chicago, Ill.: Saint Germain Press, Inc., 1939. Third Edition. First published in 1934.  GodfrŽ Ray King was the pseudonym of Guy Warren Ballard.     Undoubtedly the single most important book about the legend of Saint Germain’s appearance at Mount Shasta. GodfrŽ Ray King was the founder of the “I Am” religious movement. The author relates that in 1930 he came to Mount Shasta on business, and that he had already heard the rumor that there was a “Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, who formed a branch of the Great White Lodge” (p. 1). Hiking one day somewhere near the town of McCloud, Ballard stopped at a mountain spring and there met a young man later to be revealed as Saint Germain. The young man gave Ballard a cup of creamy liquid that came “directly from the Universal Supply, pure and vivifying as life itself” (p. 3). Ballard’s life was forever transformed, and a religion was begun. The rest of the book contains an assortment of spiritual legends and teachings from the Ascended Masters. “The Ascended Masters are really Great Batteries of tremendous power and energy, and whatever touches their Radiance becomes highly charged with their ‘Light Essence’….All their help and Radiation is forever a free gift of Love” (pp. 140-141).
The book is written as if it were fact: “To those who read this work, I wish to say, that these experiences are as real and true as mankind’s existence on this earth today, and that they all occurred during August, September and October of 1930 upon Mount Shasta, California, U.S.A.” (p. xiii). This book is the first in “The Saint Germain Series” of similar books by GodfrŽ Ray King and others. The editor of the series notes that “At the request of the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and Victory, the Tall Master from Venus, the material in this book is written in a plain, direct manner with no attempt to conform to artificial literary standards, or outer world authority. They said: ‘This series of books must go forth in a simple modern style which the layman can easily understand'” (p. iv).      17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS152].

[MS912].          King, Godfre Ray 1878-1939.  The Magic Presence.  Chicago, Ill.: Saint Germain Press, Inc., 1974. Fourth edition. First published in 1935.  GodfrŽ Ray King was the pseudonym of Guy Warren Ballard.     This book continues the first book of the Saint Germain Series: “I left you, my reader, at the end of Unveiled Mysteries, with the Great Ascended Master, Lanto, sending forth His Blessing to America and mankind from the Retreat in The Royal Teton. In this book, I shall describe another group of Important and Wonderful Experiences, which I was privileged to have during those months of association with our Beloved Ascended Master, Saint Germain” (p. 1).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS912].

[MS2153].          Lee, Mary. Who Are the Masters -If? Their Relationship to Mt. Shasta? In: Mt. Shasta Herald. July 22 and July 29, 1937. p. 3. A note in the Mt. Shasta Herald of Dec. 5, 1935 (reprinted on Dec. 6, 2000, Sec. A. p. 4 ‘ 65 years Ago’)explains that Mary Lee was the pen name of  Bessie L. Edward., “noted lecturer, writer, and musician, arrived here this week to make her home. She has opened studios in the Melo home on A Street.’ Another article in the Mt. Shasta Herald, July 22, 1937 states Mary Lee’s book ‘Out Your Flaming Name’ has been published and copies will be available here soon. Other titles by the author are stated, including ‘The Brazen Door’; ‘The Courageous K’han’ and ‘Adventuring With Trees.’     The Mount Shasta Collection copy of this article is mostly not readable due to a microfilm error. The subject of the article can be inferred from the following quote: “No longer living in material bodies, it becomes obvious that the masters have no need of material things, for example, those articles which are exchangeable for gold nuggets in the shops of the city of Mount Shasta and McCloud, as has been erroniously reported to have occurred. Those reporting such tales were either themselves misinformed, deluded, tricked by their own fancies, exploited by brother man, or were themselves not innocent in the exploitation of the credulous. (to be continued)”     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2153].

[MS1285].          Magre, Maurice.  The Return of the Magi.  place?: Philip Allan, 1931. Consists of six historical accounts of legends of mystic ‘magi;’ one of which is about “Saint Germain the Immortal” (pp. 209-248). According to the author: “It was at the end of the nineteenth century that the legend of Saint Germain grew so inordinately….I believe Mme Blavatsky was the first to mention this possibility….Between 1880 and 1900 it was admitted among all theosophists, who at that time had become very numerous, particularly in England and America, that the Comte de Saint Germain was still alive, that he was still engaged in the spiritual development of the West, and that those who sincerely took part in this development had the possibility of meeting him” (p. 235).
Note that the appearance of Saint Germain was anticipated among readers of Theosophical writings in America and elsewhere. The purported appearance of Saint Germain at Mt. Shasta in the 1930s can therefore be placed in a cultural framework which makes his appearance less of an unexpected occurrence than might otherwise be supposed.
Contains many details, including Mr. Leadbetter’s clairvoyantly obtained physical descriptions of the Count Saint Germain.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS1285].

[MS492].          Mah-Atman-Amsumata.  Lord Maitreya or the New Golden Age.  Los Angeles, Calif.: Amsumata Publishing Co., 1942. Mah-Atman-Amsumata is the pseudonym of Norman R. Westfall.     Contains several references to the author’s spiritual experiences at Mt. Shasta. The author, who writes of how he was shunned by Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, leaders of the “I Am” activity, considered himself in contact with Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters who instructed him to teach the world. In his foreword the author writes: “I am certain, too, since I met Saint Germain at Mt. Shasta in Northern California in September, 1940, there is no one of the present generation on earth who has been so close to him as the writer. I am privileged by Saint Germain and other ascended masters to explain to the world, just as they have explained them to me, the higher laws of life” (p. xi). Although most of his book is about the Ascended Masters, one Mount Shasta story, entitled “King of the Lemurians” is about Lemurians. The entire book is presented as non-fiction.
The “King of Lemuria” is an elaborate story combining the lore of Atlantis, Lemuria, Krisna, Purusha, Mahatma Koot Hoomi, dwarfs, angels, revelations, and culminating in a great initiation to the author and his companions. The story begins: “It was about mid-day of May 20, 1941, that Jesse, Elizabeth and I left the village of Mt. Shasta, Calif., walking past the High School building on the north fringe of the town, and then followed the dusty road to the left, which leads towards beautiful snow-covered Mount Shasta….Strangely enough there began to appear a number of dwarfs, announcing that they were from the ancient continent of Lemuria” (pp. 159-160). The story comes to a close with the words: “Then He, Koot Hoomi, took both the hands of Ave Maria and those of the Silent Watcher. ‘I am so happy,’ he said ‘That we have been able to approach the lord of creation. We are his only chosen disciples of the immutable one, the great Purusha, the lord of the past and the future, out of whose mouth we were born. How blessed are you! Oh, how I wish I might be with you in form in the Presence of that Great One, whose form as the Dwarf in the Center, Ave Maria was so blessed to see. May she be able also to see His Form as Purusha, and may she be able to withstand it. Only one was ever able to stand it–Krishna.’ And the three of us slowly walked back to the village with much to ponder over. Even little Elizabeth soberly thought upon the Great Initiation she had witnessed” (p. 164). “Krisna’s well” is mentioned as a spring nearby the location of the above event. Note that the “Jesse” may well be Mary Jesse, who in 1940 wrote several articles about spiritual subjects; the articles appeared in the Mt. Shasta Herald.
Norman R. Westfall wrote that he founded a weekly newspaper, the Scott Valley Beacon, at Etna, California (p. 18). He relates that in August of 1940, he met a young lady in Mt. Shasta City. She, he later learns, is an Ascended Master, no less than “Mary the Mother of Jesus” or, as he also calls her, “Ave Maria” (pp. 18-20).
Mt. Shasta is mentioned throughout this book, as for example: “Mt. Shasta, ‘The Mountain of God’ in America, is indeed the greatest focus of Light in the Western World at this time and will remain until the Great Work planned by the Great White Lodge is completed here for the in-coming and establishing of the New Golden Age” (p. 153).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS492].

[MS1000].          Melton, J. Gordon.  The Encyclopedia of American Religions.  Wilmington, N.C.: McGrath Publishing Company, 1978. 2 volumes plus 1986 supplement .     Contains a detailed analysis of the Mt. Shasta experiences of the founder of the “I AM” movement, Guy Warren Ballard (pp. 45-52).
Note that there are also entries for a dozen later established and widely scattered “I AM” offshoot groups. The author writes of the Mt. Shasta-based group called the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara, Inc., an offshoot of the I AM movement. He includes a history of founder Sister Thedra and discusses the basic concepts of her teachings (p. 162).
The Radiant School of Seekers and Servers, founded in 1963 by Kenneth Wheeler at Mt. Shasta, though not an “I Am” group, is also described in detail (p. 131).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS1000].

[MS801].          Metzger, Stephen. The Walk That Launched A Spiritualist’s Career. In : San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco, Calif.: May 28, 1989. p. 15. In ‘This World,’ a news magazine of the San Francisco Chronicle, May 28, 1989. This was a special issue 24 pages long entitled ‘A Mountain ‘Lonely as God’:Tales of Mount Shasta’ and contains eight separate feature articles by seven authors.    Contains a biographical account of Guy Ballard, founder of the Saint Germain Press and the Saint Germain Foundation.      17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS801].

[MS66].          Mt. Shasta, Peter.  People, O People! 1977. Pamphlet.      Written by a local Mt. Shasta author who has taken the last name of “Mt. Shasta.” Book is based on the teachings of the “I AM” religious activity and contains statements such as “go unto the Father-Mother Presence that is calling you to the home that you once knew…” (p. 1). Title refers to a passage from Unveiled Mysteries.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS66].

[MS2081].          Paolini, Kenneth.  400 Years of Imaginary Friends: Journey into the World of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, and Their Messengers.  Livingston, MT: Paolini International, 2000. 411 pp.; 22cm.   A critical discussion of the techniques and beliefs of dozens of  Ascended Master groups, many of which trace their origins back to Mt. Shasta through the circumstances of the 1880’s written book “A Dweller on Two Planets” by Phylos the Thibetan and channeled by Frederick Spencer Oliver. Additionally, these groups often trace their origins back to the writings and teachings about the Count Saint Germain developed by Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930’s. The Paolini’s describe how many people have spent decades involved with such groups, and the disillusionment faced upon leaving such groups. In addition, the authors have presented a picture of the various groups and their intertwinning in development.  On the chapter about the I AM movement, the authors offer the opinion that: “Edna Ballard was probably the true author of the I AM books. In Chicago during 1930, she began what would become the I AM movement with a small group of people, sworn to secrecy, to whom she read works of Pelley, Spalding, and other occult writers. She gradually introduced the ‘Discources,’ which she later claimed came to her from the Masters, and she began telling stories of Guy’s adventures with Saint Germain on Mount Shasta (which would become their first book, Unveiled Mysteries.)” (p. 221). [see also Bryan: “Psychic Dictatorship in America” which purports to disclose some of the sources of the Ballard’s teachings.]     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2081].

[MS911].          Partridge, Samuel George and White Dove.  Golden Moments with the Ascended Masters: Messages Channeled and Received by White Dove and Samuel George Partridge.  Grass Valley, Calif.: Samuel George Partridge, 1976. pp. 57-60, pp. 151-155.   Book of ‘channelings;’ S.G. Partridge provides an introduction for each entry.      Contains two channelings of “Ascended Masters” associated with Mt. Shasta.  Contains notes about the channeler’s 1976 visit to Mt. Shasta (p. 151).
The statements of the “Masters” as presented in this book are typical of the channeling genre. The master David Lloyd states that: “It was a glorious day when I discovered the truth, and the way of life, which one does lead after they know of the mastership which they can attain, after they have once met with the Masters who have ascended….I truly did make my ascension and I took my body with me (p. 58).  Davis Lloyd “was attracted to Mt. Shasta each year and spent the summers on its slopes. He made his Ascension from the mountain” (p. 57).
Contains a channeling of the “Master Phylos” who says, for example, that: “My privileged and honored duties are in caring for the temples and all those who come to visit Mount Shasta, the beautiful, majestic, and Lighted mountain….There is a reason of course, why you have all heard that Mount Shasta did not go down in the cataclysm in ancient time. It did not disappear, as did the other parts of the continent. The reason is, because the mountain is Sacred. It contains mysteries which have not yet been revealed. It is a focus for those who will one day, as the world evolves, and time permits, there will be much activity–great, unusual activity. It will all be in preparation to help the Light Workers of the World! It is contained within the boundary of Mount Shasta. We are prepared at a moment’s notice to help all our devoted Light Bearers who have ascended into the Higher Consciousness, which they have attained” (pp. 155).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS911].

[MS697].          Prophet, Elisabeth Clare.  The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America: Teachings of the Ascended Masters Given to Elisabeth Clare Prophet.  Livingston, Mont.: Summit University Press, 1987. First published in 1976.     A written record of a four-day conference held at Mt. Shasta. In July of 1975 approximately 2300 people attended a Summit Lighthouse conference held at Lake Siskiyou, near the base of Mt. Shasta. The Summit Lighthouse, founded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her late husband, is an offshoot of the I AM religious activity, but is not officially connected to the Saint Germain Foundation founded by the Ballards in the 1930s.
The book consists of transcripts of the lectures given by Mrs. Prophet during the four-day conference. Many of the lectures are attributed to the Ascended Masters as ‘channeled’ through the speaker, whereas other lectures are the work of Mrs. Prophet herself.
An introductory welcome by the master Saint Germain contains the following passage: “I come as the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and I come as the humble servant of the light of freedom within you. To all who would preserve that freedom, both spiritually and materially, I say, Welcome to Shasta 1975! I am your host for four days of communion in the Lord’s Spirit, and I am also the host of many masterful beings who have ascended into the light of freedom who are gathering for this communion of devotees. The program includes dictations from the heavenly hosts to be given through the messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whom I sponsored long ago to be the mouthpiece of hierarchy in this period of transition from Pisces to Aquarius” (p. xiii).
Among the masters are such luminaries as Ascended Master K-17, “the code name for the ascended master who heads the Cosmic Secret Service”(p. 137); Elohim Cyclopea, “known as the all seeing eye” (p. 103); and I AM RA MU, “Master of the Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta” (p. 208).
The lecture by the Master of the Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta (pp. 208-215) contains instructions to the participants on chanting. This master also states that “O Shasta, crown chakra of Lemuria, of Lemurians focusing the light of God-consciousness, now release thy flame of golden light! Now release that energy! Now let mankind know that the one true God is able to raise up a mighty people, a mighty continent, a mighty following unto the glory of the I AM THAT I AM. And this precipitation of the golden elixir shall be a monument to the Great Divine Director. And it shall be for the seventh root race, for incoming souls, a focal point of mastery and of light and homecoming and of welcome of the mother flame” (p. 213). This book is nearly 400 pages long and contains many pictures of Mt. Shasta and of the conference participants.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS697].

[MS723].          St. Clair, David.  The Psychic World of California.  Garden City, N. J.: Doubleday, 1972. Contains an interview with Nola Van Valer, founder of the ‘Radiant School.’ In June of 1930 Nola Van Valer met a spiritual “Master” on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. Note that this date is several months before the stated meeting with “Saint Germain” by Guy Warren Ballard in August of 1930. Nola Van Valer later founded a Mount Shasta spiritual studies course called the “Radiant School.” David St. Clair interviewed Nola Van Valer in 1971.
Mrs. Van Valer is quoted as stating: “Then suddenly there was a strange man in front of us. He smiled and we smiled. He was dressed in a long robe but looked so pure. He said he had been watching us and that there were many things he wanted to tell us. He asked us to listen. We agreed….Over the years there were twelve different Masters in all….Today many people go up there and try to find them, but the altitude is high and the terrain is rough. Besides, everything has a season and the season for them to be on that mountain was from 1930 to 1940… (pp. 137-139).
St. Clair described Mrs. Van Valer as follows: “Mrs. Van Valer sat in a wheelchair. She was eighty-three years old, white-haired and blue-eyed. She had fallen and broken her hip, she apologized, and was unable to move her legs. Her hands were palsied and shaking. Yet at the same time there was a great strength in this woman. A physical and mental force that transcended her age and her infirmities. Her voice was clear and her conversation was lucid. I hadn’t been with her five minutes when I began to get those ‘goose bumps’ that I always get when I’m in the presence of a powerful medium.” (p. 136).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS723].

[MS2218].          Thedra, Sister. [three essays] The Hour of Resurrection//Progress-Change//The One to Come -Forewarning. A Call to Arms. [1987]. Vol. 34. pp. 2; 6; 13. This journal was published by A.S.S.K  [Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara] P.O. Box 35, Mount Shasta, Ca..      Sister Thedra was one of the most influential Mount Shasta new age teachers from the 1960’s to the 1980s. She taught of the “unseen masters and elder brothers” (from the publishers statement). Written works by Sister Thedra are not easily found. This journal contains three essays from her. 17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2218].

[MS2082].          [Theosphical Society]. Count Saint Germain. In: The Theosophist. May, 1881. pp. 168-169. Reprinted in The Theosophist, A Monthly Journal Devoted to Oriental Philosophy, Art, Literature and Occultism. Conducted by H. B. Blavatsky under the auspices of the Theosophical Society, Volume 11.-1880-81. Bombay: The Theosophical Society, Breach Candy. Photographic reprint, 1983, by Eastern School Press, P.O.Box 684 Talent OR 97540.     This article serves to document the beginnings at least back to 1881of Count Saint Germain as a theosophical society legend. The author of this article wishes to defend the reputation of Count Saint Germain from the perceived slander conveyed in an article which first appeared in “All the Year Round” (a London publication). Other articles relating the history of the Count Saint Germain are inferred to be forthcoming in future issues of the The Theosophist. 17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2082].

[MS2007].          Van Valer, Nola.  Mt. Shasta Ascended Master Teaching.  Mt. Shasta, CA: Seekers & Servers, 1996. 213 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.   “This book is a compilation of several aspects of the work of The Radiant School throughout the years.” (Introduction). Includes letters to students and spirit messages of Yessue Ben Miriam (Jesus Christ) and the Ascended Masters.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS2007].

[MS183].          Van Valer, Nola C.  The Tramp at My Door.  Mount Shasta, Calif.  The Radiant School, 1979. Third Edition. First published in 1964.     The story concerns the passing of the author’s husband. The philosophy as presented in this book incorporates the “I Am” concept. The preface concerns Mount Shasta, and implies that “The Radiant Temple” is located at Mount Shasta. Mention is made of a forthcoming book entitled Ten Years of Experiences at Mount Shasta.     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS183].

[MS517].          Van Valer, Nola C. Ð1979.  My Meeting with the Masters on Mount Shasta.  Red Bluff, Calif.: The Radiant School, 1982. Reprinted 1994 by Seekers and Servers, Mt. Shasta Calif. with additional chapter (xxi) entitled ‘Lessons for Introspections’ by Phylos.     Contains information about “The Masters from the Radiant Temple on Mount Shasta.” Mostly a book of ‘channelings’ presenting the words of the Master Phylos of the Great White Brotherhood. Posthumously published from taperecordings of Mrs. Van Valer. Contains an introductory chapter about the author’s coming to Mt. Shasta, explaining that her husband, Jerry, in the spring of 1930, got off the Shasta Limited train at Mt. Shasta City, traveled to McCloud, and met Mol Long: “Mol Long took a thin, large hankerchief from his pocket, through which the fire glowed. He placed it upon the ground and told me to sit upon it and then produced from somewhere a bowl with clear soup which tasted like nothing I have ever tasted upon this earth. I drank the soup and became so alive with vibration that I was at complete peace and rest within myself…” (p. 4). Jerry returned a few months later, in June of 1930, with his wife and friends, and they met a “Master” who said such things as: “We advise all of you to study more about what your intention are regarding religion so that you may apply them and not tell others how to use theirs. We advise you to keep your minds high above destruction and pray continually for peace. For if a man thinketh thus, he lends his power of thought to overcome evil. When two or more of you are joined together, if you spend one moment in gratefulness for protection of all people, it will help” (p.10).     17. Legends: Ascended Masters.  [MS517].